Spraying & Soil Analysis

Testing your soils fertility and ph. levels is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your paddock. Looking after your paddock is like looking after your horse, if you neglect it, it will reduce in condition. So to get the most from it you should keep it well maintained and you will see the benefits.

Soil samples are taken from strategic points around the paddock to be tested and sent to the lab for testing. A results list will be returned containing information on various nutrients along with a guide to what would benefit the soil next.

Low nutrient levels will result in poor grass growth as well and reduced grass quality and nutrient content, therefore reducing its nutritional value as a feed source.

Ph levels also affect grass growth but are also a cause of high weed populations, especially buttercups.  An unsuitable Ph level is often present in clay soils or in paddocks used for horses but other factors include leaching and hay making.  So in order to improve the soils condition lime can be spread. This can often be an alternative to spraying especially with persistent weeds.

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